3B to cancer free and still free.

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted here - just shows how selfish I can be because at one stage I was on here nearly every day reading the posts and looking for support.  I am just back to say that yes you can, and most of you will, go from stage 3B to cancer free with no recurrance nor extra treatment after chemo radiation.  Nearly 7 years since my initial diagnosis, my daughter is now 21 and I am feeling fit and fantastic.  I have deliberately lost the weight I gained during my cancer journey when I felt low, low ,low and have retried horse riding and cycling - just to show that I can.   I feel 10 years younger than I felt even before my diagnosis( because of the weight loss) and am so immersed in the world again that thoughts of cancer are usually pushed to the back of my mind.   I am so grateful to all of the medical staff and researchers for the care they gave me and to my friends, family and to all of the  people on this site for their unstinting emotional support.  Such a wonderful unjudgemental space - wish the rest of the internet was like it!  Much love and good luck to you all. xxx


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Congrats on your continued health, and thanks so much for the encouraging post! I hope to be where you are someday. A year ago I was going through my first week of chemo and radiation. Not a fun way to spend the holidays, but I’m feeling better each day. May I ask what kind of diet you followed to help lose weight? I switched from mainly animal protein diet to plant-based after my cancer scare. I’ve read a lot that says animal protein (meat, fish, dairy, eggs) can trigger and accelerate cancer. I’m curious what long-term survivors (like you) eat.
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Hi Terri - I hope you are well and I am sure that you will continue to improve. I have been a vegetarian for many years - at least 20 years before I got cancer - myself I believe my cancer was exacerbated by constipation - which I think damaged my anal canal - the cancer arose in precisely the spot that had been damaged. Anyway throughout treatment and beyond I refused to give up any foods (apart from spicey foods for obvious reasons) because I wanted to keep giving my body all the nutrients it could take regardless of the effects on my bowels. I also added plain chocolate, green tea and a small amount of fish to my diet. My bowels did and do suffer but I take Immodium - nowadays as and when I need it but intially every day. To lose weight I first of all stopped all excessive sugar - by which I mean sweets, cake, chocolate, ice cream etc - that stopped my weight gain but I didn't lose much. I then went on the 5.2 diet and lost over 2 stone - now I diet once every 3 days - having only 1 meal every 3 days. I continue to be a vegetarian, have stopped eating the fish and have not eaten sugary foods for about 3 years. Hope that helps.xx PS. I have heard that salt agitates cancer - I must say I eat a lot of it.
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I agree with your theory on the constipation. I would add to that any agony with digestive tract would challenge the body.
Thanks for the diet ideas.
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I am just starting to lose the weight.45 on, 15 off so far.
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Oh wow - at first I thought you meant stones (I'm English you see) but I realize you must mean pounds!! Great stuff.
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How nice to hear from you again and know that you are doing quite well! What an inspirational post! Your experience proves that Stage 3B anal cancer can be beaten and life can go on. I'm so glad you are enjoying good health and congratulations on the weight loss. You rock! I wish you continued good health and cancer-free status!
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Thank you so much Smurf - it certainly can be beaten and life can be sweet again. xxx
Good news Mayday! I too am stage 3B, just finished treatment end of June, so bowel issues still, lost 15 pounds, before and during treatment, gained back 4, also was vegetarian for awhile, now eating a little meat, fish, healthy fats, no dairy and little sugar/carbs, also exercising again and taking supplements (I believe in alternative treatments along with conventional). I was constipated most of my adult life, no matter what my diet/exercise routine, but fairly regular so far. You are so inspirational, so hoping your good luck rubs off! xoxoxo
Hi Janice - thanks for your reply. I think it's very likely that you will be in the same position as me in a few years time - difficult to believe at times I know - good luck to you. I think exercise helped me a lot. Yes, constipation, I suffered from it most of my adult life and I've seen quite a few women on here say the same. xx
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hey there...like Janice, I lost weight during treatment...horrible mouth sores, could not bear to eat very much. Gradually came back once the treatment stopped. Amazing how different our experiences with this cancer and its treatment can be! Agree 100% about this site, THANK YOU JILL!!!!
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Hi Helen -hope you are well. Yes I think my weight gain was really caused by depression and just frankly not caring about myself much. I agree THANK YOU JILL. xx
Stay well and remember you have dozens of friends here who care about you!
So nice to hear! Congratulations.
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Congratulations on 7 years NED and so thoroughly enjoying your life. There’s nothing selfish about not posting! If anything, your post is a gift to inspire. And that it does. And if you never post again, that’s perfectly okay..We will know you’re either out on a horse, or cycling or drumming a new tune. Viva la Mayday!
Thank you so much Linda - hope you are doing well. xx
Great time to celebrate!
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So happy for you. What a great post. Take care and enjoy!
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So glad to hear from you ... you look and sound fantastic! Thanks for writing and just love hearing success stories! BTW, I was 3B, too, and so far doing fine. I'm 3 years out since end of treatment and pray things go well going forward. I love to say F&&^&^K statistics and we are living proof. Hugs, Lisa
Absolutely Lisa - I'm sure if you are 3 years out it will continue - in the UK they don't usually monitor after 2 years - although in my case they continued for 5 because of how far it had spread. xxx
Thanks for sharing the good news with us, Mayday. My next PET scan is on December 11 and I am trying not to fret too much. My PET scan in June was NED and I am feeling good. Your post was just what I needed to get me through the first year. I was diagnosed Stage 3 on January 6, 2017. Treatment ended on March 17, 2017. That is St. Patrick's Day and my granddaughter's Birthday! I am grateful for every day I am still alive.
PET scans are always so stressful aren't they - congratulations on being NED just think that next scan will be to confirm you are still NED - with every day that passes the chances of recurrance reduce. When I was first diagnosed I searched for positive stories from those diagnosed at the same stage as me. After treatment I got to hoping I would outlive the hamster, then that I would make the next birthday and so on - now I'm aiming to live a long long life! I think it should be your aim too. xx
So good to hear from you and such a joyous post! You inspire me to not give up hope!
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Thanks Betsy - I hope all goes well for you. xx
Happy Dance for you! Great to hear your good news and see your smiling face!
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Thanks Jana - hope you are well. x
Thank you for posting, as stage 3B myself, I feel somehow reassured knowing others are out there doing so well for so long! So happy for you!
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Thanks Texasgirl - there are many others out here doing well and I hope and think it likely that you will be one of us. Good luck xx
Happy birthday week!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hope all is still going well with you. I am fit and well. Due CT & MRI on 12th. Bit of scaniety but tryi8ng to ignore it. Have a great day Annabelle
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May 15, 2011

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